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david kelly is an active lifestyle and portrait photographer who collaborates with advertising agencies, directs and editorial departments.  always willing to push the boundaries to create something new. and above all else, pure fun. in a world saturated by media, messaging and images, his goal is to always create something that breaks through the clutter.

david has gained a high level of recognition for his personal work, such as the “Kelly Brother’s Christmas Photo That Has Nothing to Do with Christmas” photo series. david has a diverse clientele that includes UPMC, Red Bull, Clearview Credit Union, Gateway Rehab, Champs Sports, Yelp, Eat ‘n Park, Souplantation, Audi, Bloomberg, and more.

splitting his time between los angeles and pittsburgh, david’s always looking for more creative people ready to craft new and exciting ideas with. 

los angeles / 323.609.3038
pittsburgh / 724.516.9831

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